• universal message •

Vandaag ontving ik deze tekst en vertalen ontkracht het geheel. Lees, ervaar het contact met jouw hart en luister naar wat zich mag ontvouwen.

Loving creature on this planet,stop listening to what you hear, what your mind is telling you.

Stop listening to what other people tell you. Speak up from your heart, from your soul and talk from your authenticity..
Lift your veil, uplift your energy, start meditating today and let unfold what is necessary.

Keep your energy high, your consciousness uplifted en be aware of the positive things you can bring into the world.

Uplift to the max and expand immensively to expand the reach of you knowledge. Trust this proces, trust the outcome and believe in all that excists. Hope will survive all of this.

Uplift and rise. Shine from your inner self and show the beautifulness you have to bring into this world.


Serendipity by Patricia

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